The body is a sacred garment.
-- Martha Graham

Artist Statement

Evangel King:
Contemporary Dance Artist

The magic of creating always thrills me. My deep-seated urge to create movements and compose dances with them began in childhood. I have an enduring love for dance and its elemental powers of expression.

I have a passion for the absurd, abstraction and fierce intensity. Unique creatures, hats and odd, unexpected items are turned into treasures, the ordinary transformed into mysterious ritual. These gifts inhabit my dances in various combinations.

I am drawn to the intimacy of the solo figure in motion. I primarily use live sound (spoken text, live music or song). I incorporate silence as a vehicle of expression. I utilize costume and design elements.

Collaboration truly benefits my creativity. I find it bends and stretches me, leading me to realms where I would not have ventured on my own. I must adjust, adapt, and give in to my collaborator. I believe a successful collaboration both integrates the art and leaves each with it’s own integrity.

Performance is the place where my dance transcends me, and in so doing I am gifted with an awareness of my connection to everything. My favorite performance places are those where life has been lived and continues to live. I view the immensity of outdoors to be one of my most challenging and therefore most satisfying venues.

Most recently simplification and paring down are crucial elements in my dance making. I endeavor to follow what arises no matter what. I seek out intimacy with what I am uncertain of and fear. I am eternally delighted by the gift of dance that I’ve been given.