A Movement Score for Watershed (on reunion) by Evangel King

A performance practice created in 2001



Throughout the practice I am experimenting with: what if every cell at once has the potential to experience the fluidity of change as a harmonious act of constant union and reunion? (My gratitude goes to Deborah Hay who taught me the value of 'What if every cell at once has the potential').


A. on arriving

Cleverly arriving secretly carrying a talisman.

    Plunge serenely into noticing there & here & now & then.

         Pausing vigorously from time to time to touch there & here & now & then.

               Arriving upstage sink lightly into a quiet surrender to where you are.

            The path throughout is interconnecting circles.


B. on revelation

Steadily moving with no destination in mind.

    Revealing your talisman with persistent trickiness.

         The path crosses back and forth progressing downstage.

              Arriving downstage signify your talisman & honor it in several ways.

                   Unexpectedly surrender to what you cannot possess.


C. on presence

With infinite sweetness wait to rush & rush to wait everywhere.

     With complete simplicity meander around the edges.

          With endless delicacy negotiate your awareness on a diagonal path.

               Knowing what you do not know is the only thing you know.

                    Finish by rotating center stage with unqualified elegance.


D. on spaciousness

Pause simply in the midst of your rotation experimenting with take in now & now & now.

    Filled with the spaciousness of now & now & now gently shift to giving this out.

         The path is a gradually expanding asymmetrical spiral.

              Progress on this path from steadily to swiftly passing this around.

                   The path ends in a loop upstage left releasing into a spacious suspension.


E. on reunion

Unwinding into plunging serenely while changing your facing.

    Following one side of a lemon - like shaped path arrive downstage right.

       In apparent stillness witness yourself & gather your dream.

          Sinking lightly into intricate grapevines &  triplets to center.

             Vigorously floating with your talisman begin revealing your dream.


                               As your dream ends slowly move away.

                         Quickly turning with absolute dignity rush out.