Score by Evangel King for our first Onsite Video: Trespass: One, Two & Three

Filmed: August 2010 on the grounds of a vacant estate in Berkeley

Camera: Gillian Garro 

Dance: Evangel King



Reveal is the key focus for the camera and the dance. Our questions are:


For the camera and the dance:

      Which are the sites at this place we are drawn to reveal?

      How do we reveal their mystery and nature?


For the camera:

      When is the camera primarily revealing the site?

      When is the camera primarily documenting the dance revealing the site?

      Where is the camera? Is it: moving, stationary, close, far, above, below, facing or behind?


For the dance:

      What ways can the dance reveal each site? Is it: uncovering, to pass (by, under, over, around, through), by contact or by remaining still?

      What are the movement qualities that reveal the nature of each?


Our goals:

      To work quickly and efficiently letting go of perfectionism.

      Enjoy the process at every moment.

      Be both playful and experimental.



The results are 3 videos: Trespass 1 Scar, Trespass 2 Vessel, Trespass 3 Presto