Score for Mumbo Jumbo Duet by Evangel King and Kristine Maltrud

Performed July 2006 at Cedar Rose Park Berkeley




This score was developed together at our artist retreat May 2006. During June we worked independently developing movement phrases and spatial patterns. The week before our July performance we created our duet using all the material developed.


We chose this format to: find new ways of working, let go of unhelpful habit energy, invite chaos, honor and grow our wisdom. Oh yes and without a doubt to have fun. In fact it was so much fun I used this score to create a solo, Traveling with Bits of Mumbo Jumbo (2007).




The Mumbo Jumbo + Jumbo Mumbo + Mumbo + Jumbo + Mumble + Score


Resources: choose among these to develop movement phrases

      Mumbo jumbo (1) – enigma, non-sense

      Mumbo jumbo (2) – ritual accompanied by complicated and purposeless activity

      Hugger mugger (1) – a state of confusion, wander aimlessly

      Hugger mugger (2) – move about in search of food or employment

      Maunder (1) – talk indistinctly often in a low voice

      Maunder (2) – speak about unimportant matters rapidly and incessantly

      Bugbear – alarm with idle fears

      Mummery – a performance or ceremony regarded as ridiculous, hypocritical or pretentious


Specific Actions to Develop:

      A cumulative movement phrase followed by random letting go of parts

      A cumulative movement phrase followed by abandoning it without a thought

      Purposeless movement or path that obscures and confuses

      Hand covers mouth while speaking



Ends in Nonsense