my body trusts the unknown.
--Deborah Hay


Teaching is a gift to me as well as to my students and colleagues. The interactive relationships that emerge reveal new perspectives and nurture experimentation for all participants.

Selected Workshops

  • The Whole Body at Once, a body mind series
  • A Taste of Watershed (on reunion), a performance practice
  • Reunion with the Self through Community and Movement
  • A Community and Dance Workshop, for dance teachers
  • Shedding Light, compositional and performance workshops


  • Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique (all levels)
  • Ideokinesis, a body-mind practice for both dancers and non dancers
  • Composition/performance


I have been an artist in residence at a variety of colleges and universities. What I value most is the chance to share what I am thinking about and working on in a way that I hope will encourage students to pursue their own artistry.

  • 2001 - Western Michigan University, Education for the Arts/Dance Department
  • 1999 - American College Dance Festival, CA State University at Hayward
  • 1994 – Dance Department Cleveland State University, OH
  • 1994 - Dance Department Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH
  • 1993 - Dance Department Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI
  • 1992 - Dance Department Fresno State University, CA
  • 1991 – Dance Department Indiana University
  • 1985/86 - Napa Valley College, CA
  • 1977 - Dance Department Fresno State University, CA