my body seeks more than one view of itself.
-- Deborah Hay


Work in the studio is the heartbeat of my practice. Here magic happens. I am exactly who I am – no apologies or regrets.

I greet the quiet and spacious energy of the studio. The spirit of being floods my senses. During my warm up, I can hardly wait to begin exploring aspects of my current dance as it unfolds. I surrender to not knowing.
      “Keep the channel open ”– Martha Graham.

I can never predict how or when the muse comes. Some dances are created in a matter of months. Some take several years. Each is precious to me.

I am drawn to the intimacy of the solo figure in motion. Most often I create a movement score employing a spatial guideline, a verbal phrase or a set of images.  My score provides the bones of my dance and forms a structure within which I am free to make specific movement choices.

I have a passion for the absurd, abstraction and fierce intensity.

I weave an array of art media into my dance: live sound (spoken text, music or song) as well as silence; costume, design elements, and settings. Creatures, hats, odd and ordinary items are transformed to treasure by the mysterious ritual of dance.