Our arms start from the back because they were once wings.
-- Martha Graham


Performance is a sublime arena of present moments shared with an audience. In performance my dance transcends me, connecting me to everything.

My preferred venues are those imbued with life. Dancing in an outdoor environment is particularly challenging and rewarding.

I have created and performed 70 dances since 1977.

Movement Scores

My interest in creating movement scores and experimentation began in 1973 when I was introduced to the unique and innovative voice of dance artist and innovator, Anna Halprin.

Later I worked with another pioneer, Deborah Hay who took the movement score to even further abstraction. Hay’s style allows for more inventiveness and experimentation in the performance practice.


  1. Mumbo Jumbo
  2. Watershed
  3. Trespass


Collaboration bends and stretches me, leading me into realms where I would not have ventured on my own. I must continually adjust, adapt, and give into my collaborator.  A successful collaboration maintains a delicate balance between merging and remaining intact.

I find a spark from working collaboratively that ignites the unseen within myself. Some of my collaborators have been:

  • Gillian Garro, visual artist
  • Donna Olson, opera singer
  • Stefanie Atkinson, film
  • Louise Todd Cope, textile artist
  • Brenda Hutchinson, sound artist
  • Sumner Carnahan, writer
  • Michael Miller, saxophonist
  • Michael Schippling, sculpture artist