my body is held in the present.
-- Deborah Hay


Anna Halprin, Originator of Movement Centered Scores

I’ve incorporated her crucial abiding framework for dance making-the use of scores. I find creating movement scores provides choreographic tools that support a rigorous and experimental performance practice.

Deborah Hay, Choreography/Performance Mentor

I resonate with Deborah because she has taken the movement score to a further abstraction that allows even more inventiveness and experimentation in the Choreographic and performance practice.

Terry Sendgraff, Performance Mentor

Her genius for experimentation and cultivating ones own unique voice truly deepens a performance practice. This is what she wrote about the spark that began our association: “Wow! Here is this woman, very present and doing something not in the mainstream.  I am always drawn to presence. I seek out authenticity.”

Eric Hawkins, Modern Dance Technique

The catalyst to study this technique came after a severe knee injury from a car accident early in my dance training. I found the Hawkins Technique shortly after. It continues to support and nourish the wisdom of my body in movement.

Ideokinesis, a body-mind practice

The Hawkins technique utilizes imagery to stir and enliven the nervous system. Erick Hawkins found this approach in a somatic practice called Ideokinesis and incorporated it into the teaching of his technique. I began studying Ideokinesis in order to deepen my training as a dancer.

Alexander, Feldenkrais, and Body Mind Centering

These body-mind practices have helped me grow and strengthen my ability to learn from the inside out. This gift allows me to sense what and how my body is inclined to move. I have found a new depth of body expressivity now that my body is past athleticism.

Qigong and Meditation

More recently I have developed an interest in Qigong and meditation, practices that support my body-spirit. These inform and enrich my dance practice.